There is a very noticeable uptick in smoking odors in and around common areas, to include; stairwells and hallways.  Please be reminded, it is a direct violation of the Rules and Regulations of River Place East to smoke in or around common areas of the building.  Smoke and odors are to be confined to the apartment generating them.


There is a ZERO tolerance policy for smoking in the hallways, stairwells, common areas and for improper disposal of cigarette remains.  Effective immediately; individuals found in violation of the no smoking policy, in common spaces, will be assessed a $500.00 violation citation, with no further consideration.  Please be courteous of your neighbors by confining all smoking odors and residuals to your home.


You may also feel free to smoke outside of the building, around one of the many cigarette receptacles if you choose to not smoke in your home.  Please aide in the effort of maintaining a comfortable and welcoming living environment at River Place East, by following the measures set forth, for smoking.


Your cooperation is greatly appreciated!  If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact the Management Office: 9am- 5pm Monday-Friday; 703-276-0025 or via email:

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