No Smoking inside Building Common Areas

To:               All RPE Residents        

From:         R.P.E Management

Date:           7/26/12


No Smoking in Common areas


There have been several sightings of cigarette butts in the stairwells and complaints about the smell of cigarette smoke in the hallways.  Please have respect for your neighboring individuals.  You reside in a community in which we all need to work together to maintain a comfortable and sanitary environment.  Please refrain from smoking in the stairwells and littering the ground with cigarette butts.  Simply discard the cigarettes in the multiple waste units in and around the building.

RPE has a ZERO tolerance policy for smoking in the hallways, stairwells and for improper disposal of cigarette remains.  The building is monitored via a closed caption video camera circuit and individuals found in violation of this policy will be issued a $500.00 fine with no further consideration.  Not only is it against the rules and regulations, unsanitary and ill mannered, to discard cigarette butts in common areas, but it is inconsiderate to your neighbors whom have chosen to reside in a clean, sanitary environment.  Please do your part in maintaining the comfort of RPE while respecting your home and your neighbors by appropriately consuming and discarding your product.

Thank you for all of your cooperation, if you have questions or concerns feel free to contact the Management Office: 9am- 5pm Monday-Friday; 703-276-0025 or via w-email:


Thank you,

André Baker

Building Manager

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