Elevator Modernization Schedule: 2017 – 2018

The Elevator Modernization project has commenced!!!

Please ensure to schedule all elevator reservations as soon as possible, as reservations will be limited.  There will only be TWO (2) working elevators at any given time during the duration of the project.

Please reference the elevator modernization schedule, below:

Elevator Modernization Schedule: 2017 – 2018






Mobilization / Delivery


September 25 – September 30, 2017

Renovation of  Elevator 1


October 2, 2017 – November 24, 2017

Renovation of Elevator 2


November 30, 2017 – January 24, 2018

Renovation of Elevator 3


January 30 – March 26, 2018


Note: This schedule is tentative and dependent upon no unforeseen circumstances, which may cause a change to the schedule.  An updated schedule will be posted outside of the elevators on each floor, on a weekly basis.

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